Sarah Saffian

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change. —Carl Rogers

UPCOMING LIVE WORKSHOP: Therapeutic Writing Around Loss and Grief
For people who are grappling with the loss of a loved one, whether recent or from decades ago, putting words to complex thoughts and feelings can be challenging. This one-day Therapeutic Writing workshop will provide a forum for exploring internal experiences surrounding loss through several short, on-the-spot exercises (for instance, writing a letter to the lost loved one, writing from a photograph, writing about a past experience in the present tense, or from multiple points of view). Periods of writing will alternate with discussion and optional sharing (no turning in of writing or reading aloud required).
When: Sunday, January 27, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Where: Union Square area
Price: $160 per person; $300 per couple
(e.g. if partners who lost a child, siblings who lost a parent, etc. would like to come together)
Please contact Sarah with any questions and to register.

VIDEO: Adoption and Narrative, interview with Barbara Freedgood, LCSW
ARTICLE: Putting Your Feelings on Paper, Adoptive Families, Spring 2015

Sarah approaches her work as a therapist with empathy, clarity, and humor. She maintains a hybrid psychodynamic style that draws from approaches including client-centered therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy, and mindfulness. She regards herself as another person in the room, not a blank slate, as she and the client work together collaboratively toward the client's goals. If you are interested in learning more about individual and/or group work with Sarah, you can reach out to her here.

Sarah counsels individuals, couples, and groups in private practice settings in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Her clinical experience also includes counseling undergraduate and graduate students and facilitating CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) and DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) groups, at New York University's Counseling and Wellness Services; and counseling adoptees, birth mothers, and adoptive parents and facilitating support groups for all members of the adoption constellation, at Spence-Chapin Services.

Blending her two main areas of interest and expertise, Sarah has created a model called Therapeutic Writing, using memoir prompts as a frame through which to examine experiences, in an effort to encourage deeper, clearer self-reflection, processing, and discovery. When appropriate, she uses Therapeutic Writing with individual clients, in session and through take-home exercises discussed in session, as well as with groups. In these intimate groups, participants explore their internal experiences through short writing exercises in the room, alternated with discussion and optional sharing (submitting your writing and reading aloud are not required).